Sutro Heights Park Workout


Sutro Heights Park Chapter in PDF format. Workout is viewable on your smart phone too!

You’ll start at the beach and run up several stairs to the Sutro Heights park with its sweeping views. Once at the Park there will be plenty of lunging, plyometrics, upper body and ab work to keep you busy. This workout is not very cardio intensive, but will work all the muscles in your body. It’s approximately a 2.25 mile loop.


Sutro Heights Park workout in PDF format. Workout is also available to view on your phone.

The workout begins at Ocean Beach, so you’ll get a good climb up to the top of the old gardens of the Sutro Heights estate, which is now known as Sutro Heights Park. There’ll be some stairs to navigate and a lot of flat ground with sweeping ocean views. It’s not often you get such a panoramic view of Ocean Beach. It combines a little sightseeing and a workout all in one.