Railroad Grade Loop – Mill Valley

Old Railroad Grade Photo

Trail Route Map

Railroad Grade to Hoo Koo e Koo Trail Loop

Directions – To trail 

From San Francisco

  1. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge and continue on highway 101 north
  2. Take the Tiburon/Mill Valley exit. Exit 447
  3. Take a left onto Tiburon Blvd.
  4. Continue onto East Blithedale Ave for about 1.8 miles
  5. Continue straight onto West Blithedale Ave
  6. In about .4 miles go left to stay on West Blithedale ave
  7. The trailhead will be on the left up about .8 miles. It is marked with a wooden fence.

TRAIL ROUTE – 6.3 Miles

  1. Head up Old Railroad Grade
  2. Take a right on the Horseshoe fire road
  3. At the top of the trail take a left on the Blithedale Ridge fire road
  4. Once you reach almost the top of this trail you will see two trails on either side of the fire road.
  5. Take a left on the single-track trail – Hoo-Koo-e-koo
  6. Continue on this trail until you reach a junction with wooden stairs leading up to a fire road.
  7. Go up the stairs and take a left on the Hoo-Koo-e-koo fire road
  8. Continue on this trail until you reach a fork in the road at a large tree.
  9. Go left on the fire road to head down Old Railroad Grade.
  10. At the next mild junction stay left on Old Railroad Grade you will see tree logs lining the trail, continue left down the hill.
  11. When you reach a paved road continue down it until you reach a fork and take a left on Summit rd. it’s a gravel road that leads to the continuation of the Old Railroad Grade fire road.
  12. Continue down the trail to return to West Blithedale.