Fox to Coyote to Miwok Loop – Tennessee Valley

Trail Route Map

Directions – To trail 

From Highway 101

  • Take exit 445B for CA-1 toward Mill Valley/Stinson Beach.
  • Continue onto CA-1 N passing the Fireside Motel.
  • Turn left onto Tennessee Valley Rd and continue on it until you reach the parking lot.
  • Please Note – There is generally no cell phone service in the lot.


This trail is marked as hard, but it’s short. It’s really just the first 1.2 miles that are fairly steep uphill. The rest of the route is mostly flat and downhill. It’s a good starter challenge run.

  1. From the Parking lot head down the paved path just past the bathrooms at the end of the lot.
  2. Take your second right onto the Fox Trail toward Coyote Ridge.
  3. At the top of the hill veer right toward Muir Beach.
  4. At the next juncture (about 150 feet) go right to continue on Coyote Ridge Trail.
  5. At the top of the second crest there is a little path on the left that leads up to a vista point with 360 degree views that is worth a peek. 
  6. If you’ve gone to look at views return to main path and continue straight ahead. You will start heading downhill with views of the San Francisco Bay.
  7. At the bottom of the hill continue straight ahead on the Miwok trail toward Tennessee Valley.
  8. A bit before you reach the Eucalyptus trees there will be a single track trail on the right. It’s across from a wooden post marking the Miwok trail.
  9. Take the single track trail and continue straight on it until you reach a fire road. If you miss the single track and go through the trees you will come out at the same point.
  10. At the fire road you will continue straight until you reach a trail marker sign for Tennessee Valley. About 100 ft.
  11. Take a right on the trail towards  Tennessee Valley.
  12. At the juncture at the bottom of the trail take a right to head back to the parking lot.