Diet Is A Four Letter Word

Diet Is A Four Letter Word

Have you ever noticed that the harder you try to lose weight, the more reluctant it seems to be to come off? And that once the weight does come off, it generally comes back with some extra pounds to boot? There is a good reason for this: Dieting turns off your natural ability to monitor your true hunger.

The more you deny yourself, the bigger the issue becomes. Calorie restriction leads to overeating once the restriction is lifted. In calorie restriction mode, your body believes it is starving, and so once you begin to eat again your brain sends out signals to eat more to ensure that you are not threatened by starvation again.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the less you focus on losing excess weight the quicker it will come off.

How about getting back to the basics? If weight loss is your goal, trying a natural, gentler approach might be the ticket. What would that look like?

  • Eat to be healthy rather than to loose weight.
  • Don’t deny yourself. If you want a treat, have one item, not the whole box of cookies or pint of ice cream.
  • On that same note, buy single servings of cookies, ice cream or other treats. While this approach is less cost-effective, it will save you from over indulging if that is your habit.
  • Fill three fourths of your plate with vegetables, and the remaining one fourth with a carb and some protein.
  • Believe you will be happier with your weight if you eat healthier.
  • Expect your body weight to shift in a positive direction, but don’t focus on it.
  • Move your body. Participate in some form of exercise daily: walking, running, swimming or strength training.
  • Talk nicely to yourself about your body. Speak to yourself as you would to a good friend.


Sample Healthy Day of Eating:

Steel-cut oats with berries or banana and some sliced almonds

Peanut or almond butter sandwich on whole-grain bread, an apple and a side of any veggies left over from the night before.

Snack if hungry
Greek yogurt or a fruit with a small handful of nuts

Chickpeas and chard with sliced avocado, a poached egg, and a side of broccoli

Tea, water or one small glass of wine.

Try it for a few weeks and see how you feel.