Jumping Rope: What Is It Good For? The Answer Might Surprise You

Jumping Rope: What Is It Good For? The Answer Might Surprise You

The last time you jumped rope, you may have been on the playground singing “Teddy bear, teddy bear, turn around. Teddy bear, teddy bear, touch the ground . . .” A lot of us left our jump-roping careers behind at age 9 or 10, but there are plenty of good reasons to resurrect this pastime.

Drum roll . . .

And the 10 Top Benefits of Jumping Rope Are:

  1. It’s a calorie-burning machine – 15 minutes can burn off a good 200+ calories, and those minutes don’t have to be consecutive.
  2. It helps you maintain strong bones by improving bone density.
  3. It improves coordination.
  4. It improves your cardiovascular system.
  5. It is said to help drain your lymphatic system and to rid your body of toxins.
  6. It is said to help improve or reduce cellulite on your legs.
  7. It strengthens your ankles and feet.
  8. It works not only your lower body but also your upper body.
  9. It’s good for your noggin; it improves your smarts.
  10. It builds agility.

New to jumping rope? Try to jump on a soft surface. Jump on your toes; quieter is better. Pretend you’re hunting rabbits. Noisy jumping generally equals pounding on your knees. Don’t do it!

Four-time boxing world champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley—an expert on the rope—offers this advice:

“Don’t rotate with your arms. Use your wrists and let the rope glide around you. Don’t fight it. I listen to the rope, too, and jump when I hear the sound. My feet barely come off the ground—just enough to let the rope slide under. And I’m always on the balls of my feet.”