Scenic Fit…
Get Out, Get Fit, Explore!
Picture of Tracy Hicks Owner of Scenic Fit doing Lateral Step-ups with view of Golden Gate Bridge

Tracy Hicks

Fitness Trainer / Scenic Fit Owner

Hi – I’m Tracy a reformed tech worker and long time outdoor enthusiast.

I’ve always loved moving around in the great outdoors. I’ve been an avid runner; hiker and mountain biker for as long as I can remember, but for many years I worked as a web developer and rarely saw the light of day.

I would go to the gym before work, run on the treadmill, throw some weights around and then trudge off to sit inside an office all day. I was always stressed and just felt completely drained and frazzled. It wasn’t working for me. Something needed to change.

I found an outdoor personal trainer and discovered that I loved being outside and exercising when the sun came up. When my trainer moved away, I switched to an outdoor group fitness class and that was even better. Now I was getting my outside time, a workout and having fun socializing all before my day even really started.

It was a game changer literally. I realized that outdoor group fitness combined a lot of what I loved to do; spend time outdoors, help people, exercise, and teach. I was an elementary school teacher for several years before my tech gig.

I became certified as a fitness trainer, quit my web developer job and started teaching group outdoor fitness classes. That was 13 years ago and I still love everything about it.

I get to help people stay healthy, create community, meet new people and run around outside for hours. What more could I ask for?


Education and Certifications

Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) – American Council on Exercise

Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) – American Council on Exercise

Level One Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) – The Biomechanics Method

Level One Suspension Training – TRX

PROnatal Fitness Training for Birth and Beyond – PROnatal Fitness

First Aid/CPR/AED Certified – American Red Cross

B.A., Sociology, Minor – Psychology, University of California at Santa Cruz